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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well This is Me whn i was all alone with no friends around at night 10pm at ioi mall watching movie alone and all all all alone .. haizz~~~
first of all.. thanks to all my buddy. such as Lucas, Kuma, Vincent, and even Doris .. =) tonight i have a great night.. =) knows alot of things =) thanks for the advise ...
is Fun and greatful to have u guys around =) thought me alot of stuff...
Thanks ... i really have a great night =) hehe
and 2ndly =) i would like to thanks Her. =) hehe.. is nice chatting with her =) hehe... i bet u guys know who i am talking to la =) lolz.. do worries the photo will upload soon HAHA ..

And This is which who i am saying =) totally friendly =) cute + etc HAHAH.. really nice knowing her =) hehe...
Thanks God that hav the chances for me to know her =) hehe...

she is fun =) lolz.
and 2ndly.. i even lose 20 rounds of Chor Dai di straight, non stop =,=!! wht an embarrass stuff =,=!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


feeling all alone today.. well.. sms friends non of them reply, call all of them out , non of them coming out.. haizz.. wht happen to me today ??
is it gonna reached the end of the world for me ?? HAHAHAHA it might be

is kinda curious if watching movie alone..
you will feel all the way lonely,
you will feel all the way emo-ing there without anyone concern about u,
u feel lonely, whn walk alone to the car,
feels that the world is going without you,
feelings that u aren't have any friends around,
feeling strange from the start till the end..

while watching movie, wanted to find some1 to chat about the movie,
but whn turn to the left nor right,
there aren't any1 there is talking with you,
tents to msg ppl , yet non of them replied.
that kinda feeelings i wonder if any1 ever try that ??

this is wht i called lonely i guess.. for Today .. 25 May 2010 ..

i won't be able to forget this moment...
The LoneLy me during 25 may 2010.....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

am i a lucky person?

am i a lucky person?? things is, there is no luck for me.. i don feel any good luck comes to me..
what ever wht categories.... all kinds...

why? ah? i seriously wanted to know ?? ppl always said , mayb isn't the right time yet??
so whn is my right time ?? everytime , whn i found a chances, and ended up .. GOne ?? why??
why will this happended?
i know, i aren't a perfect person, and i cant complain much.. but, i really don know why these happended to me ??

is some1 worst thn me ?? i believe there is..but why?
some ppl are so happily enjoying until they even play with it..
its not fair seriously... haizzzz.....
why ah? why ah???

haizz.. always said, don care, nvm , this that .. ended up.. still the same ..
is it me stupid or wht?? don understand english ?

well , lets see how its goes la......
folow the flows~

Saturday, May 22, 2010

right or wrong/true or false

every1 need to know this command thinging... right or wrong, true or false..
well... as for me.. i follow my feelings whn comes to get this situation...
every1 hav a bad day and every1 hav a good day..
so do good news and bad news...

well.. today i hav a good news =) hehe and hav a bad news... Haizzz..
Tired, and *%)($*%)#$(*%)$* was my bad news, Good news is =) enjoying yamcha with friends .. was damn bored and sien. thn suddenly recieve a sms saying that, yamcha mou , if want, come pick me up..

i was so so happy , rush all the way to my friends house.. But one things that made me feel embarrass is .. aiya .. so so so paiseh.. my friends all is that kind haizz..
Bad reputation haizz .. Blacked Listed LOLZ as i can said in a way of fun ?? O.O
but things went well... after that =)
hav a good chat , for our past and give advise for each others =) hehe not bad LOLZ..

knowing some answers .. that helps me.... is it a good one or a bad one ? hmm.. it won't know...
well.. Just follow its flows lo . thats all i can do...

well. Good night, sleep tight..

Friday, May 21, 2010

a happy day out with friends

well first of all, plan to watch movie today cus saturday busy .. got job , working for me.so i made it on friday..

morning, had a morning called from friends through sms..

prepared to piramid.. =) ^^

at first was misunderstand of my friend which saying that gonna hav lunch with friends thn only meet me.. and reached there by 1pm..

i though asked me to reached before 1pm..
So i quickly take bath and so on , rushing all the way to piramid..

who knows.. got wrong of the meaning haizz stoned there and waited there for like 2 hours haizzz

thn after that watch movie lor =) before that eat lunch with friend.. hehe
hav a good good chatting with my friend..
a easy going, nice to chat, nice to share, jokes around sometimes.. fun =)
is a very good frien although i know my friend for like how many days =)
very easy going person hehe...

feel happy to know my this friend =)
well i guess there will be a lucky person who get my friend to be their another half.
that person will be heaven ^^ haha... very nice de lor =)

after movie.. go meet up my friend's friend HAHA....
thn joke some more and hav dinner there.. cus cant back at 7pm.. totally jamm lolz
puchong always that jam LOLZ...

thn back at 8pm +++
reached home , hav to wait my dad's friend came over for a small meeting for the job tomoro..
need wake up at 6am in the morning and so on haizzz

but friday trips was a nice trip for me =) easy going, happy and so on =)
happy till dono wht to say la HAHA
hope got more chances = ) hehe the end~~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


walao wht happen today??? after going yamcha there, suddenly every1 damn 7 down LOLZ..
what happen ??

suddenly i emo-ing from mamak til home , wht happen ?? O.O
still couldn't find out le ARGG

God why u need to create emo feeings to human being?? O.o y

Monday, May 17, 2010


Well there is our melaka trip =) hehe.. although don hav much photo here, but we surely enjoy to the max .. =) spend 3 days 2 night at melaka, eat like shit , play like mad =)

enjoy going with them. hahahaa.. first of all , we went for our first dinner at some where.. eat cheluk satey .. it was damn nice.. tumbs up.. cant stop eating that, quite cheap , yet nice =) RM0.60 per stick , RM0.50 per stick, not bad =) nice

next day morning we went for coconut shake.. Woah.. it was nice too =) tumbs up for that coconut shake =) after that we head for their chow kuey teow, and lo bak gou .. its nice =) compare to kl, there is much more nicer =)

after that during evening we went jonker walk =) somewhere malaka. its like pasar malam, but yet its different cus they open everynight =) so is damn good =) fuiyo , leng luis alot =) lala mui also alot =) nice nice =)

their food there is damn nice = )
but there is 1 things that is not wort.. is their chendol .. sux man RM2.50 for 1 cawan, so expensive yet not nice =,=!! swt ... but overall others food is nice =) enjoying to the max =) hehe

after that the last day, soposing we wanted to go try a better chendol, but who knows it didn open haizz... sad case. so we went back to the coconut shake there and hav our lunch before head back to Kl..

the trip is nice , total spending overall RM130 =) wort it =) hehe....